Friday, October 24, 2008

Fountain Cherub

I am afraid that I have been so overwhelmed for the past couple of months that I haven't posted anything on this blog. My sister and I just went through the unfortunate loss of our father to a sudden and very unexpected death. Dealing with his loss and everything that goes with it has taken me away from producing much in the way of art. In my sadness I have just not been inspired to do anything creative. I have a few paintings that I had done prior to his death, but have not taken pictures of any of them. And I have a commission for two scultpures that are only partially done that I must now get back to work on.
It will take some time, I am sure, before the tears stop welling up in my eyes when some one mentions his death or happens to ask how I am doing since his passing. Right now it still hurts to the point that tears are rolling down my face as I type this. Daddy will be greatly missed by so many people. The one thing that helps is the fact that he is now reunited with Mother (who was his first and greatest love) who passed from this life some 34 years ago. So today I am posting a picture of a cherub (that I sculpted to go on a bronze fountain several years ago) as a small tribute to my now departed parents. I do not have the clay piece as it was destroyed during the mold making process, but I do have pictures. And one day, when I get over this awful heartache I plan to do a sculpture of both of my parents, as well as paint portraits of them. But for now this cherub is a symbol of my love for my father and my mother. I miss you both so much.