Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water Melon Treat

Wow! Has it really been this long since I posted a painting on this blog? I have really been busy taking care of my husband who had a stroke last year about this time, and working in Dallas ( Barvo, the artist who taught me to sculpt about twenty years ago, calls me every so often and asks for my help in doing sculptures for him). I worked four or five days a week for about four months this time.

I have still been teaching the Monday night painting class and doing a few small paintings while working in Dallas. This one that I am posting today is a commission I just finished. I thought it turned out to be so cute that I decided to take some time to post it. All I had to work with is a small black and white photo ( as seen in one of the pictures above). This is oil on a gallery wrapped 8" x 10" canvas.