Monday, March 21, 2011

Racing Barrels

This is done from a drawing I did a while ago from a photo taken at a local rodeo. I used it as a project for my Monday night painting class. It was a challenge for the ladies to do a painting of this size. We usually stick to 16" x 20" canvas, but I thought this one needed to be much bigger. And sometimes it is good to have students step outside thier comfort zone. I am also pushing them toward doing more subjects from real life. Check back and see what we will be doing next.
40" x 30" oil on canvas $500 unframed

Le Christa

I had a lady contact me that saw the reproduction of one of the Dorman Burns cowgirls that I did as a teaching subject for my Monday night painting class. She asked me if I could do the same painting but put her face on it. Here is the result. It sure changes the look of the painting.