Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wolf painting in progress

Sharon and I finally got back to the wolf painting. We are still in the underpainting stage, but you can already see the wolf coming alive. I can hardly wait to get to the overpainting and the finishing touches. When we are done I will post the finished paintings along with the photo of the actual wolf we are doing a portrait of. Sharon's painting is the top one and mine is below her's.

Christmas Puppy

I don't know why it is that every holiday I have problems with my computer, and this Christmas has been no exception. However, I have finally gotten the problem straightened out and can start posting again -- Ye-a-a-a-h!!!

Here is one of the small paintings I taught the girls in my Monday night paint class. I meant to post this for Christmas, but as I stated above, my computer decided to take the holiday off!

I wish I had taken pictures of the progress of this one too, but just didn't have the forsight to do so at the time. Sharon had Christmas cards made of her's, and also of her painting of the bluebird in snow. They really did turn out great. I was very pleased with everyone's finished paintings. The original was a picture that Sharon found in a catalog and asked if they could learn to paint it. The background of the original was white. I decided it needed to be red for the holidays. We also added a few other features that were not in the original picture. This was quite a challenge for them, and Sharon and Debbie both did a wonderful job with this subject. Happy Holidays!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finished Santa paintings

Last night we finished the Santa paintings in oil painting class. The ladies were happy with the results they obtained and I think they learned alot with this one. I will probably add a few more details on mine before I call it completely finished. Sharon's painting is listed first, then Debbie's, and mine is last.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latest Santa class

We still have much to do on these Santas, but the ladies are progressing along nicely. It is my hope that we finish them in the next class. I would love to post the finished paintings before Christmas. Pictured first is Debbie's, then Sharon's, and mine is pictured last.

Third Step

Here we are over- painting the face, the hat and beginning the overstroking of white on the beard and eyebrows. First is Debbie's painting and then mine. Sharon was not at this class, but I got her caught up a few days later.

Second Step

This was the next step in painting the Santas. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of Sharon's painting in this phase, but you can still get the idea. And yes, they do look ugly in the early stages of painting!

Monday Night Painting Class for the Holidays

We painted two small canvases with a bluebird in the snow and a puppy in a wreath in our Monday night class during Sept. and Oct. (Sharon had her's made into Christmas cards that turned out beautiful). When we finished the puppy painting I asked if the ladies wanted to paint a Santa for our next project and they said yes, but could it be a cowboy Santa. So here is the beginning of the underpainting of those Santas. Here is how they are listed on the blog: Mine shows up first, then Sharon's, then Debbie's. All are on 16" x 20" canvas painted in oil.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Painting Class

At class yesterday Terry and I did a little more work on our white horses. Terry's is on the top and mine is below her's.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alpha Wolf

This is a painting lesson in progress with my private student Sharon. I have a photo of the alpha male wolf , Komats, that Jim and Jamie Dutcher were studying in the Saw Tooth Mountians several years ago. He had such presence about him in this picture that I decided to do a painting of him, and Sharon wanted to learn to paint this wolf also.
I first did a large drawing and then we each transferred the drawing to a 30" x 40" gallery wrapped canvas. We went over all of the lines of the drawing with light gray oil paint. In our next lesson we added the background color and painted the eyes, and then started to add some of the dark markings. This is as far as we have gotten with this painting, as Sharon is recovering from a little surgery she had done. We should get back to it in the next week or so. I will post the progress of this painting as we go along. Mine is on the left and Sharon's is on the right.
I am very pleased with how well Sharon is progressing with her painting skills. It is so exciting to take a talented person and show them how to use that talent to create beautiful artwork. This painting is quite a challenge, but Sharon is loving every minute we get to work on it, and so am I.