Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wow, here it is July 19th and I haven't painted anything new for days. My husband suffered a stroke on June 9th and was in the hospital for about four weeks. Fortunately it was a moderate stroke and only did a small amount of damage. It was very scarey for both of us at first. Jack had lost the strength in his right arm and had minor short term memory loss. Therapy helped him to be able to use his right arm and be able to eat by himself, and to get around using either a wheel chair or a walker. He also had surgery on the artery in the left side of his neck which was 95% blocked and was the cause of the stroke. He has been home for two weeks now and is receiving home health care which includes physical and occupational therapy as well as a nurse visiting a couple of time a week to check his vital signs. He is progressing, but this will take time for him to get anywhere near to what he was before the stroke.

I did get a couple of small paintings done while he was in the rehabilitation center at the hospital. Those were the last two paintings I posted here. But since he has been home I have not had a moment to myself to paint anything. As I get into a routine of caring for him I am sure that I will get a chance to start back painting. I have still been teaching Monday night class. It takes about a month and a half to produce a painting in class due to the step by step process I teach. Hopefully I will have a painting to post soon. Right now I am just worn out with my husbands care, but will back to normal soon.